10 Questions to Ask your Clayton Criminal Lawyer in the first Meeting

It is not common in day to day life to meet with criminal cases. So it is highly important to approach the DUI Atlanta lawyer in the right ways. To help you find a good Clayton attorney we give you some basic questions while meeting your criminal lawyer for the first time.

  1. Where did you attend your schooling?

  2. What is your success history?

Regarding the failures of the Clayton Criminal Attorney

  1. Have you failed in any cases?

  2. What were the reasons for your failures?

  3. Have you taken up similar case of failure and succeeded in the future?

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District Attorney

A district attorney is a legal representative responsible for presenting the criminal trial

  1. How well is your relation with the district attorney?

  2. How frequently do you negotiate plea agreements with the district attorney’s office?


  1. Have you handled similar charges against me in the past?

  2. If so, what percentage of your work goes into representing clients like my case?

Bar Associations

  1. Are you a part of a law bar association?

This is very important, as only reputed Clayton criminal lawyer take in effort to join such associations. They will also be well aware of the happenings outside their cases and will have a broadened view over fighting law suits.

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Get the Best Lawyer Service in Atlanta!

Possession of Marijuana in Atlanta is a serious crime and can be a felony or a misdemeanor offense. The prison length can be of one to ten years, depending upon the intensity of the crime. Since this is an illegal issue, the officers have become very aggressive when it comes to the possession of marijuana in Atlanta as it has grown in the recent years and many people have been arrested for it. This sort of a crime can remain in one’s criminal history for a lifetime and spoil his credibility. The lawyers here can provide their clients with their best possible options and try to work out the best option for them in court.


Probation Revocation in Atlanta would mean that the candidate who is being penalized is eligible for a probation period rather than time in prison. He would have to reportedly report to the probation officer for the entire period of probation. The lawyers can fight for your freedom in case you are charged with more time according to your crime.

Misdemeanor in Atlanta can charge a person with a crime related to theft, trespass, vandalism, assault, etc. The length of the punishment would be according to the depth of the crime, and the lawyers can try their best to get you a minimum jail term.

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Steps to Choose the Best Atlanta Criminal Lawyer

Well, there are a number of cases where you need to hire an expert criminal lawyer. Drug acquisition is one such case where you need to hire the best probation revocation Atlanta to survive the stress. You have a countless number of judges and attorneys to choose. However, how will you recognize the best lawyer among the bunch – well the process is easy.

Let us walk on the easy steps to choose the best probation revocation Atlanta –

Atlanta Criminal Defense Lawyer whom you hire must have the passion for the law. He or she must love their work.

Not all experience matters. Someone who has years of experience is the tax chamber might not have the same experience in the courtroom. Find the Best Atlanta Criminal Lawyer who specializes in that topic.

To choose the best Atlanta drug lawyer you simply need to find out their level of confidence in your lawyer. He or she should not show arrogance but must prepare the case with strategies and plans and does not make any kind of false promises.


Since drug-related criminal offense is something dangerous as it is a threat to the society and the nation so you have a rigorous punishment that only an educated attorney could understand and can help us gain better advice to overpower your cases.

You must check for the reference of the Atlanta drug lawyer with the friend and family who worked or came in contact at some point in their life.

Just simply perform these steps to choose the best attorney to defend any type of drug related cases.

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Consult with Experienced Atlanta Criminal Defense Attorney

What can be the worse time for you, when someone in your relation, friend circle or family has been arrested, questioned or suspect that you are the focus of Law Enforcement Investigation. What can be the worst thing is to wait for the right time. You should keep in mind that there is no time to spare and you need a metro Atlanta criminal defense attorney immediately.

You can consult with experienced and professional Atlanta criminal defense attorney according to your requirement and case that you are going to file or make your defense stronger. You have to reach the right law firm according to your choice and requirement. If you are looking for professional lawyers and attorneys or searching for Atlanta criminal defense attorney or DUI Atlanta lawyer, you will have some better options for fulfilling your requirement by reaching Ghanayem & Rayasam who have nearly 30 years of combined experience in criminal defense in Metro Atlanta Area.


A team of professional lawyers and attorneys has been working here who have years of experience and they know how to make your case stronger. In order to provide you the best solutions and legal matters, they keep them updated according to your choice and requirement. Ghanayem & Rayasam have had great success in as Atlanta criminal attorneys. As criminal attorneys, Ghanayem & Rayasam understand that crimes and arrests do not occur between 9am-5pm; therefore, we make ourselves available to our clients at all hours.

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5 Reasons to Hire a Gwinnett Criminal Lawyer to fight Domestic Violence Cases

Most people struggle in their homes with domestic violence. Domestic violence cases aren’t limited to physical assault, but also threats, harassments, emotional abuse, spousal abuse, elder abuse or neglect. A Gwinnett criminal lawyer should be hired for the following reasons:

  1. Experience

You can easily get lost in the mess and not think of the best solution to any of the above crimes. Fortunately, GR Atlanta Law has highly experienced defense attorneys. You can call them if there is any form of abuse, or even when you are worried about your spouse being deported after the case. Prior experience handling these cases makes them the best lawyers.

  1. Expansive knowledge of the law

A best Gwinnett Criminal Attorney understands all the laws of the land. Whether you are a resident of Duluth, Norcross, Suwanne, Lawrenceville, Berkeley, Auburn, Braselton and the surrounding areas, a lawyer representing you there has sufficient information and knowledge of domestic violence laws and will give you or your spouse the best possible representation.

  1. Availability

Precise and immediate advice will be availed whenever you need because the domestic violence lawyer Atlanta will be available to attend to you 24-7. Therefore, you have no excuse for postponing that visit to the lawyer.


  1. Professionalism

One of the qualities to look for in lawyers is professionalism. GR lawyers are professional and this can be seen in their good work ethics, and satisfactory rather than adversarial resolutions reached in the State Court.

  1. Positive relationships

You need a lawyer that puts you at ease and enables you to talk about your problems. The best lawyers will make you feel at ease. This positive relationship is also extended to the court and they respect the judge’s decisions.

The best Gwinnett criminal attorneys possess these qualities making them the best to hire.

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Benefits of Dealing with a Lawyer Who Has a Proven Track Record

If you have had an encounter with the law, the first thing you will want to address is how you will be able to avoid the penalties and consequences that come with your offence. In the state of Georgia, the rule of law is observed very strictly and if you are found in violation you will have to endure necessary consequences.

It can be a small incidence like a DUI charge or even a bigger case such as a being a suspect in a rape case. No matter the nature of the offence, there is one key rule you must observe in order to win the case and that is to find an experienced criminal lawyer. Here are some benefits you will enjoy from a lawyer with a proven track record;

a) Experience.

It is important that you find a lawyer who is experienced in the area you are being charged with, for example if you are facing a DUI charge you should consult a DUI Atlanta lawyer. They will certainly give you the right tips on what to do in that situation.


b) Knowledge of important rules and regulations.

If you do not have much information on the charge you are facing, a lawyer with a good track record will brief you on what you should expect in the process. If you have done an offence in Gwinnett County, you should consult a Gwinnett Criminal lawyer.

In order for you to win in any case, you should get a lawyer who has won several other cases like yours, so as to increase your chances of being released from the consequences.

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Hire Famous Atlanta Drug Lawyer to Win in the Case

When facing drug charges, you can be sure that they attract heavy punishment by law. By virtue of the severity of these crimes, it is best if you left your case in the hands of an experienced Atlanta Drug Lawyer. This way, you have assurance that whatever you face, you will have the right legal support.

Hiring this lawyer is good for your case as they are conversant with the legal system. He will take you through the process, therefore making it less daunting. That is not all, you are assured a shot at victory when you engage the services of this lawyer. The lawyer has the experience that goes a long way in identifying the right evidence in your defense.


He will also find ways to discredit the prosecution’s case, placing doubt on the strength of the evidence. He might also get you off the hook because of technicalities. If you need to make a plea bargain, then it is best to have the lawyer by your side to ensure you get a fair sentence. That is not all, should your case get to trial, the lawyer will be a strong asset in the courtroom, arguing for your defense.

Getting a Sex Crimes Lawyer Atlanta for your case is best as you will not be going into your trial blindly. You get the right support that will make your court case easier. It will be comforting to know that your trial will go smoothly because you have the right support.

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