Its All About TN visa and its Requirements

The NAFTA Treaty Visa or TN visa is an agreement that is signed by the U.S.A Government, Canada, Mexico that created a trilateral trade bloc in North America. As far as TN Visa is concerned, then the status of the visa allows citizens of Mexico and Canada to work in the U.S.A so long as you fit within a certain or your selected occupational category.
family class sponsorship
It is a temporary visa that may be renewed in a certain time frame or 1 to 3 year increments. However, according to the latest trends, there is no cap on the amount of times it can be renewed. Talking deeply about TN visa, then the applicants can also bring their wife and children in the USA for the duration of the entry or after they have been granted TN status. As far as the TN status is concerned, it can be attained at the entry point that may be airport or border.
tn visa
However, there are different terms and conditions of the US visa as it does not require any completion of forms ant at the same time is not restricted by quotas or waiting periods. Needless to say, it is considered as the most easily attainable work visa for Canadians and Mexicans (only for those who qualify). Like other visa prospects,
spousal sponsorship
TN visa also has some certain requirements. Therefore, if you are going to apply for TN visa, you should seek help from experienced immigration lawyers who have expertise in visa clearance or in the process of applying.

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