UK Immigration Solicitors – Immigration Control

The United Kingdom regulate its borders by imposing a set of rules called the Immigration Law or Immigration control before allowing non UK citizens. These laws are in place to set limits including their length of stay, their purpose, if they are allowed to request their family to join them, and if they could take advantage of Britain’s many benefits. The Immigration laws are rather complicated because they go beyond nationality laws which include the varying types of British nationalities and the provisions of what defines British citizenship.
Entrepreneur Visa
The United Kingdom immigration law is broadly categorized into two parts and are granted to individuals who have the right of abode in Britain and those who need permission to remain or to enter UK. There are groups of people who however don’t fit into these categories therefore they should confer with Solicitors if their country belongs to this assemblage.There are more than a few Immigration laws set in place for an individual or a group for that matter and the ways they are granted. These are also categories including student, spouse, au pair and visitor. Each category has a set of requirements necessary for completion and a few considerations before a visa is established.
Investor Visa
One situation for instance is for a student visa where a student must have a full education in accredited educational institutions in the United Kingdom. If these requirements are accomplished then a student visa is bestowed. All the categories apply to all hopefuls to be financially independent. The rules of immigration also instruct the applicant to indicate the duration of stay in the UK and the leave to remain can be either absolute or brief. Students for example are granted temporary visa for such purpose. Other applicants for a UK citizenship may perhaps grant an indefinite leave. Also, the visitor may be granted a temporary visa for a very limited time or a brief visit only.
Immigration Advice
An entry clearance is required for those who wish to enter Britain and they are absolutely subjected to the UK immigration laws, nonetheless. There are procedures to consider before a clearance is granted relevant to all the categories while refugees or asylum of any nature will no longer be required to obtain an entry clearance. Always be warned that these rules are absolute and there will be exceptions. Any violation of any of these laws leads to dire consequences including deportation to say the least. Your solicitors will be of great help to you regarding these matters. Let the experts guide you through all the complexities of this undertaking. Visit your trusted solicitor now at for more information.

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