Know about NAFTA visa for Canadians

NAFTA, North American Free Trade Agreement is an agreement that allows Canadians and Mexicans entry into the US for work purpose. There are many visas that are related to this agreement, thus making it easy for people to enter US through the same. The most popular among these visas is TN1. This visa is for a professional whose employer is based in U.S. A candidate should be professional in one of the categories listed in the agreement.

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TN1 visa is granted for one year, but it can renew indefinitely and the requirements or documentation is far less burdensome than H1B visa. A TN1 visa is granted for only one employer. If the employment is to be made with any other employer, multiple visas are to be applied. NAFTA visa for Canadians do not offer any place to self-employed people.

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A candidate should possess the relevant documents, showing the proof of his or her employment along with the nature of employer’s business. Here, one also needs to present the proof of his or her qualification. The other document that might be required is the copy of resume, original Canadian passport, details of social security number, foreign address, employment contract, details of employing company and license enabling candidate to work in U.S.

There are certain categories listed under NAFTA visa for Canadians. It includes accountant, architect, computer, disaster relief insurance claims adjuster, economist, engineer, forester, graphic designer, hotel manager, industrial designer, interior designer, landscape architect, lawyer, librarian, scientific technician, technical publications writer, etc.

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