L1 Visa for Employers and Employees

There are many companies who wish to expand their business to abroad. In their attempt to spread their arms far and wide, these companies wish to get the work outsourced from U.S. Are you the one looking to expand your company operation in United States? If yes, you would need L1 visa, one of the most popular visas. The reason for it being famous is that it leads to permanent residency and is comparatively, easy to obtain with the right documentation and presentation.
Immigration Lawyer

The foreign company that is going to open office abroad should be in operation for at least one year. It must be the branch of same employer or affiliate. The new office to be open should contain additional proof with the need of an office and a business plan, containing progress on star-up activities.
The total revenue of foreign company should be more than @250,000 and should have minimum of 3 employees. The other point that one needs to prove is that the foreign company should be good and financially solid such that the expansion does not negatively affecting the operation and should create job opportunity for US workers. People who may require L1 visa include the owner or a major shareholder of such a company that is looking for operations in U.S.
The limit of these visas also include employees of the company, may be president, vice-president, executives, secretary, treasurer, managers or executives, as per the work requirement. These people should also meet the other requirements that a L1 visa holder should have.

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