How can I Apply for Investor Visa?

The most important document that people require to travel to other nation is visa. It is a sort of application that a person requests for. When a person fills application and carries out required formalities, the government of the associated nation approves the same, which acts as a legal proof of permitting a person to enter the country for a specific person.

One of these visas that give you an option to grow your assets is immigration investor visa. These visas act as permit for an individual to enter the country legally. Tier 1 visa, popularly known among investors is a part of point-based system. There are certain exclusions for people to avoid applying under this system. These are if you are a national in EEA, European Economic Area or Switzerland, the section allows you to have the right to work in UK. A citizen of British overseas territories, unless he or she belongs to the areas in Cyprus is also welcomed.

Immigration Advice

A citizen of commonwealth is also allowed to enter or stay in the country, subjected that at least one grandparent is born in the nation. There is a separate UK ancestry section that throws light on the process to be followed to apply under this category. If your partner or one of your parents is permitted to stay in UK, you can declare yourself to be dependent on them. it also allows people who do not have any time limits or no condition attached. Seek assistance from Immigration companies to know more about these visas.




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