Search for Experienced Lawyer to File Case of Possession of Marijuana Atlanta

Drug user and drug dealer are two different terms in Atlanta, USA. If you are a drug user and found with the drug, the penalty may be lower in comparison to found a drug dealer. In case you are found an illegal drug dealer, you will charge more according to the type of drug found on you.

According to the possession of Marijuana Atlanta and Possession of Methamphetamine Atlanta, if you are found trapped in any case of marijuana, you may carry the penalty of two or three years in prison. As far as such cases are concerned, it can be classified as a felony or misdemeanour offense that is based on different factors. However, in a general way, it carries a potential sentence of ten years. It is also a fact that the penalty depends on the dosage of the drug.

If the amount is less than one ounce and is for personal, then the possession nothing, but misdemeanour offense that is carried to 12 months (maximum) sentence. If you are one of them who have found guilty of the offense or any one of your relative, family member or anyone else is found involved in it, you should immediately contact to experienced and skilled Northern District of Georgia lawyer as they know how to file your case in the court and prove you innocent.
Apart from possession of marijuana, if you found involved in possession of methamphetamine Atlanta, you should immediately contact to experienced and skilled lawyers in Atlanta who can help you come out of the problem easily and with clean slate.

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