Hire Criminal Lawyers from Ghanayem & Rayasam LLC

We specialize in handling criminal matters like arson, DUI, murder and theft. Our lawyers review evidences for the incident and chalk out effective defense strategy for you. Whether you are looking for criminal lawyers or prosecutors, we are one stop solution for you. Leaving no stone unturned, we meet people, make arrangement of court dates, carry background research of cases etc.

We represent the accused in the court, advice our valued patrons on legal matters and assist in the framing of legal documents like wills and contracts. So far indigence case is concerned; our lawyers act as public defenders. Further, they interrogate the witness that plays an instrumental role in proving customer’s innocence. It is noteworthy that laws vary from land to land across United States, but a basic law code is observed through out the United States. Our Cobb Criminal attorney handle every type of criminal case ranging from fines & probations to murder.

Internet is the best medium to find expert criminal attorneys. We advise you to observe public sessions for criminal cases in court and see the performance of our lawyers. So, if you are facing any criminal problem associated with DUI, Murder, Manslaughter to name a few, don’t worry, our best Atlanta, Georgia and Cobb criminal lawyers are ready to protect your rights and duties. For your convenience and guidance, we would like to showcase one testimonial

Excellent service

“My family hired Ghanayem & Rayasam to represent my daughter, we knew the moment we walked in the office we had made the right choice they are intelligent, professional and knowledgeable, made no promise they did not keep he did what they said they would do and more.  Ghanayem & Rayasam are well respected by their peers and by our family the service was excellent.” – Posted by LYDIA, a Criminal Defense client.

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