Atlanta drug lawyer: What You Need to Know about This Case

According to the Federal Bureau of investigation, FBI, the most common crime in the United States relate to drugs. The number of convicts increases every year despite efforts to stop it. Georgia law gives the police the right to arrest a suspect if he or she has a connection to trafficking of illegal drugs. It does not matter whether he or she is innocent or guilty. An expert Atlanta drug lawyer is therefore important so that he can defend those arrested simply because they were near illegal drugs.

Misdemeanor Atlanta

You can face arrest for drug crimes by association. If you were a passenger in a car and you had no knowledge that the car was carrying illegal drugs, this can lead to an arrest. You can plead the Fifth Amendment until your attorney arrives at the station to defend you. The attorney will ensure that all your legal defenses are available so that you are free.

Drug crimes can connect to other serious offenses. Here are some of them:


Crimes classify as misdemeanor Atlanta or a felony depending on the punishment that is associated with it. The most common misdemeanors are assault, disorderly conduct, driving under the influence of alcohol, theft, vandalism and trespassing. Misdemeanors result to fines and jail time depending on the circumstances of the crime. This means that you are at risk of a permanent criminal record. This will definitely affect your ability to seek employment.

To avoid this situation, you need to ensure that you hire an attorney when convicted of this crime. It is common for people to want to represent themselves. This is discouraged because chances are that it might be too late for you to seek counsel after your sentencing.

Aggravated assault

Drugs definitely hinder your way of thinking and make people prone to violence. Aggravated assault happens when someone has the intent to rob, rape or murder another. There are cases where the abuser uses a deadly weapon to harm another. It is also common for people to exchange fire with the police during a drug bust. When these drug suspects use guns while shielded by a motor vehicle, this qualifies as aggravated assault.

 Aggravated assault lawyer Atlanta understands the need to defend his client from this crime. Upon a conviction, you could serve up to twenty years imprisonment. You therefore need an attorney to handle this case so that he can ensure your freedom.

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