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Possession of Marijuana in Atlanta is a serious crime and can be a felony or a misdemeanor offense. The prison length can be of one to ten years, depending upon the intensity of the crime. Since this is an illegal issue, the officers have become very aggressive when it comes to the possession of marijuana in Atlanta as it has grown in the recent years and many people have been arrested for it. This sort of a crime can remain in one’s criminal history for a lifetime and spoil his credibility. The lawyers here can provide their clients with their best possible options and try to work out the best option for them in court.


Probation Revocation in Atlanta would mean that the candidate who is being penalized is eligible for a probation period rather than time in prison. He would have to reportedly report to the probation officer for the entire period of probation. The lawyers can fight for your freedom in case you are charged with more time according to your crime.

Misdemeanor in Atlanta can charge a person with a crime related to theft, trespass, vandalism, assault, etc. The length of the punishment would be according to the depth of the crime, and the lawyers can try their best to get you a minimum jail term.

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